How to Play Fantasy Cricket using an App?

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India has a rich history of cricket and it has gained a couple of world cups in its kitty. It has given some of the best cricketers and a few of them have become legends in the Indian history of cricket. The nation loves cricket and even yearns for it all the time. The cricketers are different kinds of gods in the country, who have a huge fan following and no people are like and they tend to remain on the top. This has even propelled the popularity of Fantasy cricket in a big way and one can even find several mobile apps that are available to play the same. All you need to do is to download the fantasy cricket app and then you are ready to play.

Once you get a decent app to play Fantasy cricket, you have to download it. Choosing some simple and popular apps can give you the best playing experience. You have to first choose a match that you intend to play on the app. Once you do it, the next step is to create your dream team. This can be done with the help of choosing players from two different teams. Now, you need to join any of the available contests as found on the app. Once you do it, with your victory, you can easily win the matches and then you can join more and more contests with the said amount of victory in it.

For winning the matches, you need to know some tips and tricks. There are several of the same. First, you need to check the pitch and then check the weather report. As per the weather conditions, you can have a fair understanding of the wicket. Thus you can make out whether the pitch is perfect for bowling or batting. Thus according to the conditions, you would then choose the number of batsmen or bowlers in your team and then go for the match. You need to check the performances of the players by checking their earlier records and matches. You then have to choose the batsman who is seen scoring the highest runs along with getting the best of the bowlers who are known to take more wickets.

You then have to select your captain and the vice-captain smartly. These are the players who would be getting more boundaries and getting double and triple runs in the match when we compare the same with other team players on the team. You then have to create several teams and then allow them to join in different contests. This will further help in contesting more and more matches and allow you to get higher chances to victory and thus gain more money. Remember, the higher number of the victory you get the additional amount of money you win. So, check all the rules of the games and start playing in the right way. You never know you get the best from it. All you need is to download fantasy cricket app of credibility.