Engagement Jewels with Pink Diamonds

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How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

One of the issues that most people eventually discover is that finding the perfect diamond ring is not as simple as one might suppose. Since this is our job, we have decided to group the main tips that will help you find the perfect ring:

Make it a natural diamond: Make sure diamonds are natural, whether they are colorless diamonds or Fancy diamonds, they should always be natural. Artificially colored stones will potentially lose their color and reduce their quality over time. A natural Pink Diamond will be as bright and beautiful in 100 years as it was on the day it was polished.

Budget: Make an approximate budget and seek professional advice that allows you to know the many options available.

The color is key: If the choice falls on a Fancy natural color diamond, precisely the color of the stone is the most outstanding feature of the 4 C’s to consider.

Naked eye: An important point to be clear about is that neither you nor your friends or family have a jeweler magnifier as a daily tool. It is much more effective to acquire a “clean” stone with the naked eye. Buying a diamond with an IF or VVS1 purity rating is not necessarily worth the required price. Diamonds with an IF grade are the best, but the price to pay can be very high. Keep in mind that stones with a VS1 grade and better are clean to the naked eye and much more accessible. A VS2 stone is generally clean with the naked eye and even SI1 and SI2 can become clean with the naked eye. There is no reason not to search a wide selection of stones until you find the perfect stone. The appearance of a diamond depends a lot on the location of the imperfections and the type of inclusions.

Carat There is no reason to make a hasty decision, but it is advisable to narrow the range as far as karats are concerned, since the range of options can be very wide. It is advisable to identify preferences, that is, if the selection will be below 1 carat, between 1 and 2, greater than 2, or among others.

The certification of the diamond: Ask to see the diamond certificate when looking for stones. This will help confirm the validity of the quality of the diamond. Most diamond certificates include all the detailed information such as size, measurements, weight, color, etc. In sum, all the characteristics that make up the identity of the stone and its unique qualities.

Consult with Professionals: It is very important to go to the meeting of professionals with experience and experience in the market, since in itself the domain of evaluation and selection of colorless stones is quite difficult, much more so when it comes to colored diamonds.

Get involved in the process: Selecting the perfect stone and finding the perfect ring design is not an easy task. Do not make a hasty decision unless everything fits perfectly. Make sure you’re getting the perfect pink diamond ring you always dreamed of.

Do not stress: The acquisition of a diamond ring is an occasion to celebrate. Take your time, relax and enjoy an event that will undoubtedly be memorable.