Dyson Hand Dryers Sweep Energy, Design, and Hygiene Awards

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the term ‘electric hand dryers’ still makes you think of huge, bulky, expensive gadgets that would make your bathroom look like the inside of a locomotive, then you really should have a look Dyson hand dryers. The Dyson company has racked up a great many awards in recent years, among them the National Energy Efficiency Award, the South West C+ Carbon Positive Awards, and even the Janus de l’Industrie laureate from the French Institute of Design. Amazed that a simple hand dryer can rack up such awards? When you see the stunning product line of Dyson hand dryers, and observe the commendable improvements they’ve made on the clunky, oversized machines of previous years, odds are you’ll agree that designers deserve every accolade they’ve received.

Over the years, these dryers have been moving with the trend towards energy efficiency, though the efforts of designers have been dual, focusing also on improving the speed of hand drying. Most companies use warm air in order to speed up hand drying. For example, the Turbo-Dri hand dryer by ASI is a high-speed dryer which dries hands in under 12 seconds using a variable speed motor, while the Xlerator hand dryer dries hands in roughly the same time range. In terms of improvements in energy efficiency, we’ve seen how, for example, Nova hand dryers (a subsidiary of the World Company) have sought to make their products more eco-friendly by building lightweight, low amperage dryers. Dyson dryers improved their energy efficiency by to an even more impressive degree. This effect, however, was achieved by changing the warm air system that most hand dryers use into a sheet air system using 400 mph sheets of air that slide across the skin to literally scrape water off consumers’ hands. By the incorporation of this mechanis, energy efficiency was improved by eighty percent compared to competing hand dryers without any reduction in hand drying speed.

One factor that has proven increasingly important in this industry over the past few years is design. Not only do consumers want fast, energy efficient, compact dryers, they want that functionality combined with a design that makes their bathrooms look modern and inviting. Companies have done their best to address this desire by making the dryers smaller and thinner, and by making them available in different colors such as white, almond, and mocha.

Dyson hand dryers, however, have taken this trend a step further with the Dyson Airblade dryer, a device that’s silver, sleek, and utilizes completely new method for hand drying. It is interesting also to note that the Airblade has won international design awards, including a prominent French accolade for creativity in industrial design.

In addition, the Dyson Airblade has been the only 乾手機 dryer on the market capable of properly addressing the problem of bacterial multiplication. For years, an important disadvantage of electric dryers when compared to paper towels was their effect of increasing the number of bacteria detected on hands after drying. A landmark study conducted at the University of Westminster released these results in the 90s, results that condemned hand dryers in the eyes of health experts.

However, by virtue of the HEPA filter in the Dyson Airblade, the device has been NSF accredited and as such is considered to be one of the very few hygienic hand dryers on the market.

In summary, Dyson dryers have been created specifically to meet the hygiene, speed, and design needs of the consumers. Because of this, Dyson Airblade dryers are used by many distinguished institutions and facilities, among them Brussels Airport, the University of Glasgow, and Kingston Hospital. This attests to the superiority of Dyson products when compared to any and all competitors.